Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara Review

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Price: £8.99/$6.99
Claims: "Create impact and frame your eyes with beautifully defined and accentuated lashes wth Maybelline XXL Pro intense black mascara. Discover dramatic lashes with up to 60% length and up to 10 x the volume of your natural lashes. Don't let the mascara dry between coats and you'll benefit from clump-free lashes. XXL Pro in a shade appropriately labelled intense black, will not smudge and is ophthalmologically tested to ensure it's safe for contact lens users."
Rating: 2/5 stars

I had been wanting to try a new mascara for a while and remembered that when I was younger I would use these double ended ones with the white "lengthening" formula on one end and the black mascara on the other and they would work quite well for me. As a student who doesn't have a job (any offers? haha) obviously I was looking for a cheap but good quality product that could both thicken and lengthen my lashes.


The packaging is the same plastic/cardboard seen with most other Maybelline mascara products, not exactly the most stylish but what can you expect from a highstreet product? The only 'quipe' I have with it is that the mascara was turned round the wrong way in the plastic casing, but that's just me being picky. The mascara itself is encased in a plastic tube that seperates into two ends, connected by a double ended mascara wand in the middle. It's small, easily fits in my make up bag and could fit into a small bag on a night out. Nothing bad to say here!

The wands have the classic bristle applicators compared to the more popular plastic applicators used to separate lashes. This is somewhat a drawback as they can make the lashes clump. Also the bristles don't capture a lot of product, which some may see as a plus but this meant that I has to put the wands back in the tube for more product multiple times in order to build the product on my lashes.

A Two-Step Process

The point of this product is to apply a first coat of the white mascara in order to lengthen the lashes and then a second coat of the black mascara to thicken and darken the lashes. These are my lashes without any product on at all (excuse my eyebrows, I'm growing them out so I can review HD Brows):

With the first white coat:

 At this point I didn't really notice much of a difference in the length of my lashes as I had done with similar products that I'd used in the past, and the formula had already seemed to clump a few of my lashes together.

With the second black coat:

The second coat of the black formula definitely made an impact on the length of my lashes, as you can see in comparison to the picture without mascara, my lashes do look a lot longer. However the formula has also made my lashes clump together somewhat and has also made them look rather thin in comparison to how they looked with my old mascara, which is definitely not how I want them to look. The formula is also quite wet and so smudged easily (as you may me able to see slightly) and made my lashes impossible to curl without the curl dropping after 30 seconds.

The final verdict:

Unfortunately this product failed to impress and hasn't made it into my everyday make up bag. Although the mascara managed to lengthen my lashes quite a lot it left them looking spidery and thin, and as an eyelash-curler-addict I can't wear mascara without having my lashes curled and the formula was unable to give me the look I wanted. However, if you're more interested in length than volume, this mascara may be for you, and with an eyelash comb to separate the lashes this could be a great day time mascara for someone who wanted a more natural look.

Thanks for reading!
Emma Victoria x
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