Makeup Geek: Foiled Eyeshadow Palette - Worth The Hype? Review + Swatches!

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Price: £7.95/$10.00 each
Quantity: 10 Eyeshadow Pans
Claims:With these rich and intensely-hued shades, the new Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows go beyond your standard line of cosmetics, introducing you to a new and powerful cosmetic experience. 
This cutting-edge formula offers a creamy texture that is a hybrid between a powder shadow and a cream shadow that is on a level of its own. The intense pigmentation combined with an opaque, metallic finish make these shadows a dream to work with. These can be applied effortlessly in just one swipe with no primer required! Our lineup includes a diverse array of rich colors and a smooth silky formula that we believe help elevate pressed eye shadows to the next level of exceptional quality.” (from
Rating: 4/5 stars

Makeup Geek is an American cosmetics company founded by make up artist and beauty YouTuber Marlena Stell ( The sheer progression and popularity of the brand is something that most make up artists only dream of when they first come up with the idea of creating a cosmetics line, and Marlena is on her way to creating not just a line but an empire. Makeup Geek eyeshadows have become a cult favourite in the YouTube community, and when I saw last year they had bought out a range of highly pigmented foiled shadows I had to get them for my kit. The shadows do not disappoint as far as pigmentation, however, is it always a good thing to have eyeshadows so opaque?


I originally bought the shadows when they first came out in 2015, and at that time all the foiled shadows I have were the only ones available at the time and came in a set (this is no longer the case but other sets are available). When I ordered the shadows I also bought a Z Palette to put them in, as the eyeshadow pans were sent individually (which was made known on their website) in small square cardboard packaging without a palette of their own. The pans stick to the magnetic plate inside the palette, which is very strong and will make sure they stay in place during traveling. However, the top of the palette is  clear plastic and I could imagine the eyeshadows getting damaged if anything heavy were to be put on top of it.

Personally, I find the extra cost of having to buy a separate palette not ideal, and I don’t think it’s something that people who just use make up recreationally would find appealing. However, as a make up artist I can never get enough palettes to de-pot my eyeshadows into so it wasn’t the end of the world. The eyeshadows in the pan look very opaque and creamy, and none of them broke during delivery (thank god). I seem to remember them being sent wrapped in bubble wrap which you know I always appreciate. 

If you are buying a Z Palette to go along with these eyeshadows or any other pan products, I wouldn’t recommend the white one that I have here as it gets dirty very quickly, especially with eyeshadow fall out and being around other products in my kit. 

PROS: Eyeshadows can be bought individually, were sent wrapped in bubble wrap, clear top on Z Palette enables you to see the shadows without opening the lid.
CONS: Have to buy a separate palette to keep the shadows in, fall out from the shadows can make the palette messy especially the white palette I have, the palette is made of cardboard and plastic so not the most sturdy.

Consistency, Pigmentation and Finish

The colour variation and payoff in this line of foiled shadows is phenomenal. One swipe of a swatch leaves you with an intensely opaque, creamy finish with a beautiful shimmery sheen. They wear well and don’t budge easily, which makes them an absolute staple in my kit. 

However, what I will say is although these shadows are amazingly pigmented and rich, I don’t think they are wearable for every day (in my opinion). I’ve had these shadows for over a year and have barely used them except for make up jobs where I need an intense eye look (see image below). If you’re someone who loves to wear a strong colourful eye on the daily more power to you! But for the average make up wearer I would say these shadows are more of a night time/party make up essential rather than every day. 

PROS: Amazing consistency, pigmentation and finish, can’t be faulted. 
CONS: Not necessarily the most wearable formula for every day, natural make up.

Best Application?

I’ve used these shadows with a range of different brushes, from MAC, to Sigma, to Zoeva. They glide on a dream with any brush. I would say that you may get a more intense and opaque look however if you use your fingers to initially apply the product, and then just blend out the edges with a brush. All of the foiled shadows are shimmery so I would suggest mixing these with a matte shadow in the crease as to not overpower the eye with shimmer, and Makeup Geek also make some amazing matte shadows which I really recommend ( I’ve used these foiled shadows with and without eyelid primers, obviously you will get more longevity out of the shadow by using a primer but the opaque pigment is already there so a primer won’t necessarily intensify it anymore. 

PROS: Goes on flawlessly with any make up application tool, and looks extra opaque and pigmented when applied with fingers. No need for a primer.
CONS: Product is very shimmery so I would advise using a matte colour in the crease to offset this. 

In my opinion, these shadows (although on the more expensive side) are very much worth the money, and if you can’t afford a full set I would suggest buying either ’Magic Act’, ‘In The Spotlight’ or ‘Flame Thrower’ as a start. These gold and coppery shades would look amazing on any eye colour, especially blue eyes, and would give you a great pop of shimmer for the upcoming summery months. These are an absolute essential for any make up artist that works in fashion or editorial make up, and will last you a very long time. They are a staple in my kit and I can’t wait to buy more shades.

Thanks for reading,

Emma Victoria x
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