MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation - Is It REALLY Waterproof? - Review + Swatches!


Price: £25.50/$33.00
My Colour: NC15
Claims: "A waterproof formula that lasts for 24 hours and can be used as a foundation or concealer.”
Rating: 4/5 stars

As someone who has struggled with hyperhidrosis of the face for the past couple of years, the claim of a waterproof foundation that lasts 24 hours was music to my ears. I’ve always had difficulty with liquid foundation because of the moisture on my face, and it always ends up fading off (especially around my top lip, chin and forehead) which makes the foundation look patchy and uneven, leading to extreme embarrassment when I’m in public. So when I saw this foundation on the MAC website, I knew I had to put it up to the test.


The packaging is so sleek, as usual with MAC products. The foundation came in the usual MAC branded black box, with information such as shade number and amount of product on it. It comes in at .84 fluid ounces (25 ml) which is slightly less than the usual 1 fluid ounce we’re used to with a liquid foundation, however I could imagine this foundation lasting a while due to how precisely you can measure the product out. The foundation itself comes in plastic ‘squeeze tube’ packaging with a precise nozzle, which makes it way easier to measure out product and thus you’re getting your bang for your buck. This packaging would be fantastic for travel and so convenient for professional make up artists to keep in their kit. You can also see the product through a clear bit of plastic at the bottom, which gives you an easy indication of what colour the foundation is without having to swatch. A bonus feature of the packaging was that with ordering the foundation online I was able to get a free mini (and I mean TINY!) sample of MAC’s Prep and Prime primer, if you’d like to see a review on this please let me know or I can give you a few of my thoughts in the comments!

PROS: Sleek, professional looking packaging. Plastic squeeze tube which is great for travel. Nozzle applicator makes measuring out product easy and precise. Clear plastic allows you to see colour without swatching. Ordering online gives you the option to get a free sample of another MAC product.
CONS: Contains less than the average amount of foundation (.84 fluid ounces).

Consistency, Coverage and Finish

My initial thoughts when applying the foundation was that it was a bit too dark for my skin tone, something I’ve never encountered with other MAC foundations I’ve used in NC15. It also tended to oxidise throughout the day, which was a major disappointment. I might have to save wearing this foundation on a regular basis for the summer, however to be honest I imagine that’s probably when I’ll need it the most. If anyone else has ever had this shade issue with MAC before please let me know!

The coverage I would say is medium buildable, I used a beauty blender to apply it at first and then used a stippling brush to apply extra coverage where I needed it. The MAC website claims that this foundation can also be used as a concealer, but I wouldn’t go that far personally. I luckily have really clear skin, the only real problem areas are the dark circles and bags I’ve been “blessed” with under my eyes, and the foundation was not able to cover them adequately. I think those with more problematic skin would have to use a concealer as well, however the foundation does apply really nicely and evenly, blends easily without caking and dries to a matte finish.  I added a bit of Studio Fix powder in NC15 to my usual problem areas just as a back up incase it started to wear off from my sweat issues, but I would say do be cautious of adding powder - I could see it becoming very cakey if you applied too much (which I may have done at first, but shhhh.)

PROS: Medium buildable coverage that builds with ease. Looks really natural and not cakey at all without powder.
CONS: My usual colour was too dark for me for some odd reason and oxidised throughout the day. Becomes slightly cakey the more powder you add.

How Does It Wear?

Apart from oxidising on me, the foundation actually faired really well throughout the day. Unlike other liquid foundations I’ve used, there wasn’t a noticeable patch of blinding white skin around my mouth and forehead where the product had sweated off. I can’t say it was perfect, it did start to thin out in certain areas where I started sweating a lot, but the best thing was that it wasn’t noticeable and that’s really all I can ask for. As far as the waterproof aspect goes, I didn’t throw water over my face to test it out (can’t mess up that cat eye, you know what I’m saying) but as someone who has a problem with hyperhidrosis there was no noticeable problems, so I think those of you with oily skin or similar problems to me would be really happy with this foundation. Those of you with dry skin might not be so thrilled with it though, as I did notice it grabbed to some of the dry patches around my nose. Another thing I was particularly happy with was that my blush, contour and highlight were on fleet all day. I couldn’t believe how well they stayed in place and lasted all the way up until I went to bed that night, as did the foundation. Major plus in my book!

PROS: No noticeable patching, flaking or thinning of the foundation. Did not seem to be affected too much by sweat or oil build up. Blush, contour and highlight stayed vibrant and in place all day up until bed, along with the foundation.
CONS: Grabbed onto the dry patches around my nose, which makes me think it wouldn’t be great for those with dry skin.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this foundation? It was great for my hyperhidrosis and I think it would be really good for any of you who have similar problems or oily skin. I’ve been massively embarrassed when wearing liquid foundation before that’s rubbed off around my mouth and made me look like a clown or made people think I’d intentionally applied my foundation like that, which as a make up artist is cringe worthy. Those of you with dry skin or problem areas with dry patches may want to steer away from this foundation or at least try before you buy. Not a lot really bothered me about this foundation, but my biggest gripe was the shade being too dark and it oxidising, so I would suggest you might want to go a shade lighter or get a sample of your usual shade and a shade lighter just to test it out. Once again, if you want me to do a review or tell you my thoughts on the Prep and Prime primer, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below! Also, I’m thinking of writing a post on ways to deal with excessive facial sweat when applying make up, if you think that would be helpful for you or you’d like to read it please let me know.

Thanks for reading,
Emma Victoria x
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  1. Amazingly written review! Super helpful and fun to read :) Keep em coming!