Whilst I was at the University of Lincoln I was involved in a number of radio projects, from radio documentaries to live shows and radio drama. I was also an avid contributor to both the stations Siren FM and Brayford Radio, volunteering my time to help out on a range of programmes and showcase my own work. If you would like to see a more indepth CV of my work or are interested in working with my in the future please don't hesitate to contact me on the email address in the 'Contact' section of this website.

(All documentaries made entirely by myself, with the exception of Saints on the Street which I produced and conducted interviews for.)

Chronic Fatigue and Me

"Around 250,000 people in the UK suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, yet it is still not recognised by many as a genuine medical condition. Emma Presland takes us on a journey through what it’s like to live with the invisible illness."

Chasing Happiness

"A radio documentary exploring the root of what really makes us happy, and have we grown increasingly unhappy as a nation?"

Saints on the Street

"This feature follows the story of St Mary Le Wigford church in Lincoln, and it’s aim to help the homeless community in the area with it’s BeAttitude community."

Live Shows

Will You Marry Me?
(Role: Producer and interviewer)

A live radio show exploring marriage and social ideas about marriage broadcasted on Siren 107.3 FM on the 29th April at 10:30AM. During the show we find out the struggles that young couples face when wanting to get married, and even a few solutions.


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